Park Model Retreat - Park Model/ Tiny Home Community in the Texas Hill Country
Park Model Retreat - Park Model/ Tiny Home Community in the Texas Hill Country

Welcome to our park model community in the Texas Hill Country


Are you looking for an idyllic community for your Park Model/ Tiny Home somewhere in the beautiful Texas Hill Country?


We offer beautiful lots for your RV Park Model Home!

We offer a quaint 15-acre park model rv park in Utopia, Texas (TX) and we are looking for you!
Hit the hiking trails, go hunting, tubing, play golf or simply relax in your own little home away from home.


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Park Model Retreat - your park model / tiny home community resort in the Texas Hill Country

What are Park Models or Tiny Homes?

Park Model Homes are roughly 400 sq. ft. excluding large area lofts, porches and decks. They have full size baths and appliances. Quality Park Model Homes are built according to strict building standards. Best of all: you have to pay no property tax or HOA! 


Park Model Retreat is a gated community whose residents are committed to a quality standard of living. Year round living enables residents to utilize their Park Home as a residence or as a vacation home. Enjoy the advantages of lower housing costs, maintenance, and no property taxes to have extra time and money available to enjoy life.



Consider Park Models / Tiny Homes for the Perfect Retirement or Vacation Home

When you browse the Internet for Park Models or Tiny Homes, you'll realize is that new park model homes start at around $24,000. That's for a new, expertly built park model home that is assembled under factory controlled conditions and built to exacting standards. Would you rather pay $100,000+ plus for a used house, that adds easily $5,000 per year in taxes and insurance? Or would you like to spend a fraction of that price to own a brand new park model that can be shipped virtually anywhere in the continental United States?


Usually RV park models are built to meet RV industry code, and every one is built by the same factories that produce mobile homes. It's easy to find RV park models in your area. And by reading this, you already found a perfect place where to put your park model home:
On Park Model Retreat in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.


Do the math:
(Example. Rates may differ for different house prices and mortgage offers)

Cost of a new Park Model/ Tiny Home: $30,000

Mortgage : $30,000 x 6% = $1,800 per year or $150 per month 

Lot rental: $200 at Park Model Retreat

Total housing cost while owning your own tiny home: $350 per month! 


Park Model Retreat - Your Park Model /Tiny Home Home Community!    



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